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Drop in Open Studio Hours

Weekdays 2:00 - 6:00 pm
Tuesday - Thursday Adult Hours 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday Closed
(Available for special events and private lessons)

Open to students 2+, open studio hours at Redmond Art Works give you the space to let your creativity run wild. Work in our ceramic area, splash room, or crafting and painting areas. We supply the materials and tools for you to come in for a fun outing with your family, after a long day at work, or a fun date night.

Our hourly rate is $15 per hour per student, you can pay as you go or purchase a frequent artist card for multiple hours for your family or friends.

$15 hourly rates include:

Ages 2 - 8 (Parents must stay with student)
Crafting Material
Paint & Splatter Room
Watercolor Pencils
Seasonal Craft Ideas & planned projects
Clay * At additional per pound cost for handbuilding projects
(Please note: Staff members are available to help gather materials, offer art suggestions, and help with cleanup. Guardians are needed to lead their students art activities and supervise)

Ages 9 and Above
All Crafting Materials
Clay * At additional per pound cost for handbuilding projects
Pottery Wheel use - students can either take a month long functional pottery class (Monday or Tuesday nights) or take a semi-private lesson before they can use the pottery wheels independely. Once they have taken one of these classes, they are able to use this area of studio during any open studio hours when wheels are available.

Clay Prices:
3 lbs - $10 7lbs - $15 11lbs - $20 25lbs - $35
Clay will be marked with your family name and can be kept in studio for future use!

Please arrive no later than one hour before closing to have enough time to start your project.


We are now open until 9pm on Tuesday - Thursday nights for drop in studio time. Come in, grab a wheel or table, and GET CREATIVE!