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Creative Connection
Offered Wednesdays & Sunday 2 - 5 pm
SPECIAL Dates: Feb 11th, 12th, and 15th for No School Days 10 am- 1 pm

Time for student
s to connect and make art together. Each 3-hr event offers five to six projects for students to choose and make at their own pace.

Each event will have a selection of canvas painting, air dry clay, pottery painting, drawing, and crafting art projects to select from. Our art teachers will guide projects and help facilitate making artwork special to your child.

Students must remain at their table and wear a mask during the event. Creative Connection events take place in our temporary 2,500 sq foot warehouse located in the same complex as our studio to allow for extra space between students. Younger students are encouraged to have a participating sibling or friend for extra guidance if needed.

Cost $65 per student
10% discount applied for siblings

Ages 4 - 16

Art Projects offered Vary By Age

Note: If your child would enjoy or benefit from more instructor lead project with step by step directions, please see Kids Night Out events. KNO’s are 2-hrs with a specific theme each week.