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Frequently Asked Questions
Summer Programming

Can my child attend both morning camp and an afternoon workshop to make a full day at the studio?
Yes, your child is welcome to stay in the studio during the 30 minute break between camp ending and workshops beginning. Students must be between 9 - 12 years old and bring an activity to do independently. Our staff will be busy preparing for afternoon programing and cannot provide additional activities. Please note: camp runs all week, while workshops are offered in 2 day increments.

What’s the cancelation policy?
Reservation changes or cancelations made at least 5 days before start of summer program will receive studio credit for 100% of tuition paid
Reservation changes or cancelations made within 4 days of programs start will not receive studio credit unless student’s space can be filled
* For example: We must be notified by Wednesday if your child is scheduled for programming the following Monday to receive full studio credit
We do not provide refunds back to your payment card, all cancelations - even with early notice, will receive studio credit.

What happens if our family becomes sick?
We appreciate our community’s diligence in staying home if you or your child is sick, please notify us of a program cancelation as soon as possible. We will do our best to fill your child’s place in their program so we can extend studio credit for missed programs.

What should students bring to camp?
Please send your child with a lunch, snack and water bottle each day. The garage will remain partially opened for increased air flow so a light jacket for chilly mornings is also suggested. We do not have fridge or freezer space, microwaves, or utensils available for lunches. Due to the possibility of food allergies, children are not allowed to share food at any time. ** Please confirm you have listed any child food allergies during registration. Additional information/concerns should be sent to getcreative@redmondartworks.com prior to your child's scheduled program.

My child is four years old, can they attend camp?
With a total of 20 hours in camp, week long camps can often be too much for our 4 year old artists. If your child has attended day camps or weekly classes with us in the past we may be able to make an exception. We suggest enrolling your child in one of these options first to make sure they will enjoy a longer camp prior to summer programming. Please email getcreative@redmondartworks.com directly before enrolling, if we have not given prior acceptance before enrolling, then your child may need to be unenrolled from camp.

My child is eight years old, can they attend workshops?
Workshops are more rigorous with specialized content tailored for our older students. If your child is eager to learn and will remain engaged in the lessons then we are happy to have them join us with the understanding that workshops will be more difficult and require more focused engagement from your young artist.
All pottery wheel workshops do require all students to be 9 years or older to operate the wheel.

Can I enroll in a partial week of camp or a workshop?
Sadly, we are unable to accommodate students joining for just part of the camp week. If you are unable come the entire week, please select a different week of camp.

My kids are attending with friends, can they sit together?
Yes, you will receive an email the week before camp begins with all your camp details. Please respond to this email listing the students that would like to sit together. We must receive an email the Friday before camp begins for this accommodation to be made.

Should my child wear a mask while attending summer programming?
Your family will need to decide what is best for you and your child. If your child was recently sick (even with just a kid cold) we strongly encourage a mask to keep the spread of common germs at bay. Our staff is masked when working closely with students.

Can I drop my students off early for their scheduled programming? What if I am late picking them up?
We do not have space or teachers available to chaperone students arriving early or getting picked up late, please do everything you can to be on time. Our highest priority is to provide a safe and creative place for our community to create together. This requires ample time to sanitize the studio and prepare art materials in between programs.

When will I be charged for my family’s summer enrollment?
Once you have submitted your registration online, we will review your account to confirm students are the correct age and that discounts were appropriately applied. You can expect your full summer tuition to be pulled the same week you enroll in programming.

My child wants to attend programming that is already full, what should I do?
Please add your child to the waitlist for desired programming. You will be contacted by email or phone if a space becomes available. You are not committed to taking the space if one becomes available, you will be contacted in the order in which you applied to the waitlist.
To adhere to our 8:1 student/teacher ratio and provide spaced seating, we are not able to increase spaces to accommodate additional students.