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Weekly Classes

Class Tuition:

Tuition is prorated to match the amount of classes offered in any given month. Some months you will only pay for 3 classes, some longer months there will be 5 classes. We do this to guarantee you only pay for the classes offered.

45 minute classes cost $96 per month (4 classes)
60 minute classes cost $96 per month (4 classes)

75 minute classes cost $120 per month (4 classes)

2 hour classes cost $160 per month (4 classes)

Class Cancelation Policy:

Your registration is automatically continued each month so you do not lose your place in class.

Please notify RAW via email getcreative@redmondartworks.com by 9am on the 25th of the month to be removed from class the upcoming month. (Example - If you want to give up your class space for November, we must be notified by October 25th at 9am)

Tuition is pulled on the 25th of the month for the upcoming month.

Age Groups:

We value the opportunity to provide one on one instruction to each and every student. This is why we never have more than 6 students to 1 teacher for our 4 - 7 year old classes, and 8 students to 1 teacher for our 8 + year olds.

This gives us the opportunity, regardless of the variation in age groups, to have meaningful conversations with each student, tailor projects, and help students grow as an artist each class.

If you are new to the studio we encourage families to always begin in a class tailored to your students current age. If there is a need to move to a more challenging class, we are happy to discuss making an adjustment after we have an opportunity to get to know your student.

Length of Classes:

You are welcome to join class at any time during the school year. While some classes have prerequisites, we encourage students to try out different art mediums they are interested in throughout the year! Your registration is automatically continued each month so you do not lose your place in class, classes are ongoing. Changes to class enrollment must be made by the 25th for the upcoming month. This allows time for us to adjust schedules and notify waitlisted students that are wanting to enroll.

2 Dimensional Class Prerequisite:

Please see the below chart to view the class options your child can attend after completing 2D Foundations. Please plan for 2 months for each class before moving to the next level.

Missed Classes:

Makeup your missed class during open studio! Weekly class students can use the space for the same amount of time as their missed class. Our open studio teacher will gather materials for the missed project if applicable, or students can use studio for continued practice. Students 8 years or younger must have a participating adult present.

Please follow the below directions to reserve a work space:

Open Studio is available Monday - Thursday 2 - 9 pm, Friday 2 - 7 pm, Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 12 - 5pm

(Students 9+ can attend their makeup independently)

All makeups need to be completed during the same month missed if at all possible.

Trial Classes & Class Changes:

It is very important to us that students love the classes they are enrolled in; this is one of the reasons we offer the opportunity to adjust classes monthly. Students can try out a variety of different art mediums throughout the school year.

We ask that students try a class for the month in its entirety so they can experience all the steps taken to create their finished art. We do not offer one time classes since concepts build on each other over multiple weeks.

If after enrolling you find that your student is not enjoying the class or the time of the week is not working for your families schedule. We are always willing to move your student to a different class.


Finding parking can be difficult at times in front of the studio. Please allow a couple extra minutes before class and make sure not to park in front of any businesses garage doors.

During Class:
Parents: you are welcome to use open studio to create your own art work, drop off, or remain in the front room of the studio. If you need wifi, you can park in front of the studio to access in your car or use our front room during class.