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Age Groups:

We value the opportunity to provide one on one instruction to each every student. This is why we never have more than 6 students to 1 teacher for our 4 - 7 year old classes, and 8 students to 1 teacher for our 8 + year olds.

This gives us the opportunity, regardless of the variation in age groups, to have meaningful conversations with each student and help them grow as an artist each class.

If you are new to the studio we encourage families to always begin in a class tailored to your students current age. If there is a need to move to a more challenging class we are happy to discuss making an adjustment after we have an opportunity to get to know your student.

Length of Classes:

Classes begin the week of September 16th an will continue throughout the school year. You are welcome to change your registration before the beginning of each month so students have the opportunity try many art mediums throughout the school year!
Your registration is automatically continued each month so you do not loose your place in class. Please notify us before the last day of each month if you want to make changes to your registration.

Class Tuition:

Tuition is prorated to match the amount of classes offered in any given month. Some months you will only pay for 3 classes, some longer months there will be 5 classes. We do this to guarantee you never pay for a class that is not offered due to holidays.

60 minute classes cost $85 a month (4 classes)

75 minute classes cost $120 a month (4 classes)

2 hour classes cost $160 a month (4 classes)

Missed Classes:

If your student is absent during a class, there are two ways to makeup.

You are welcome to call the studio and schedule a time to join the same class on a different day if available. Please note this only works if it is during the same week as the missed class, so students are completing the same lesson they missed. (For example: if you miss your Wednesday class you may be able to join the Friday or Saturday class during that same week if there is room)

Your missed class can also be used as drop in open studio time - you and your student can come in and use the space for the same amount of time as your class, free of charge. No need to schedule this, you can come in anytime during open studio hours. Monday & Friday 2 - 6 pm, Tuesday - Thursday 2 - 9 pm, or Saturday 10am - 5pm

All makeups need to be completed during the same month missed.

Trial Classes & Class Changes:

It is very important to us that students love the classes they are enrolled in; this is one of the reasons we offer the opportunity to change classes at the start of the month. Students can try out a variety of different art mediums throughout the school year.

If after enrolling you find that your student is not enjoying the class or the time of the week is not working for your families schedule. We are always willing to move your student to a different available class.

We try to keep trial classes to a minimum to keep classes consistent for students already enrolled. We allow trials during the first week of each month. Trials need to be scheduled by calling the studio at 425-522-4466.
We will prorate the tuition for this one time class ($21.50 for an hour class)

Please note most classes build on concepts learned each week so beginning at the start of a month is recommended.


Finding parking can be difficult at times in front of the studio. Please allow a couple extra minutes before class and make sure not to park in front of any businesses garage doors.

During Class:

Parents are welcome to wait in the front room of the studio during class or you are welcome to drop your student off and run errands.