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ART SUMMER Workshops

Ages 9 - 15
Monday - Wednesday
2:00 - 4:00 pm

$129 per artist

taxes included *Supply costs may be applied

Join us for these special three day workshops that will broaden your students understanding of many different art forms and mediums. Structured to give artists the skills, content knowledge, and experimentation needed for lifelong learners.

We offer a 10 % discount for siblings and multiple workshop registrations!

If your student would like to attend both the morning camp and afternoon workshop they are welcome to stay in the studio during the 1 hour break between classes at no additional charge.
*They must be between 9 - 12 years old and bring activities to entertain them during the break.

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Drawing Fundamentals Workshop Drawing Fundamentals Workshop

Build a great foundation for all further art endeavors in Drawing Fundamentals! We will learn the key principles of art as we break down drawing into its most key components; line, shape, and value. Students will go home with their own notebook of references, and ideas for continued practice. Students will come home with a new notebook filled with work and ideas to continue practicing.

Functional Pottery Workshop Functional Pottery Workshop

Join the studio owner to learn the art of building functional pottery using the pottery wheel and hand building techniques. We’ll work with various altering techniques and additions of slabs, handles, and spouts to create an assortment of pottery forms you can actually use at home. This workshop is a fantastic way to dip your toe into the world of ceramics and have the confidence to use the studio independently during open studio hours!

Fluid Art Workshop Fluid Art Workshop

This is not your average painting class, we're talking resin and acrylic dripping, brushwork, pallet knife techniques, and pouring on canvas, metal, and wood. Sure to be a workshop you will not forget. Supply cost: $30

Ceramics Figure Sculpting Workshop Ceramics Figure Sculpting Workshop

Students have a chance to make their own clay action figures, animals, or characters of their choosing. Specialized instructors will guide artists through designing pieces on paper, building scale replicas, and glazing each piece with exciting tips and techniques.

Printmaking & Lettering Design Workshop Printmaking & Lettering Design Workshop

Printmaking is an amazing way to create personal and repeatable works of art, and hand lettering gives each piece its own individual flair. Learn how to join these two art forms to make memorable journal entrees, fabric prints, and signs. Explore relief prints (hand carved stamps), transfers, calligraphy, and hand lettering on many mediums that can be decorated and altered to suit any students style! Students will bring home a new journal and custom made stamps. Supply cost: $20

2D Wool Art Workshop 2D Wool Art Workshop

Discover the magical process of felting! One part joy – one part imagination. This workshop will introduce you to the ancient art of felting. We will begin by learning how to work with wool fibers to make a framed painting, using only wool and your imagination, no glue, no needles. Then create a needled design of your choosing on pressed felt. Each student will take home a felting starter kit to continue creating after camp. Supply cost: $20

3D Wool Figures Workshop 3D Wool Figures Workshop

Imagine making your own personalized animals and figures out of felt! Students will learn a variety of techniques to design each 3D character and bring it to life by felting with wool and needle. Each student will take home a felting starter kit to continue creating after camp. Supply cost: $20

Comic Creations Workshop Comic Creations Workshop

Learn how to bring your story to life!

This introduction to narrative art will cover all the steps needed to create your own comic book including, design and layout, penciling roughs to final, inking and coloring by reimagining one of the most famous comic scripts from DC comics. Taught by a former comic artist.

Figure Drawing Workshop Figure Drawing Workshop

Humans are one of the most complex forms to draw, so join us to learn the proportions and anatomy of the human figure through expressive gestures and detailed portraits. We will use images, poseable figures, and ourselves to further our abilities and knowledge of the figure. Students will come home with a new notebook filled with work and ideas to continue practicing.

Art Toy Design Workshop Art Toy Design Workshop

Create your own custom art figure. We will create a concept on paper and learn the best way to sculpt your clay design, make molds of your figure, cast and paint for a one of kind plastic toy that only you can recreate! Taught by a former industry professional. Supply cost: $30

Thrift Shop Workshop Thrift Shop Workshop

Where to start? At the Thrift Shop of course! We have tons or clothing, textiles, and patterns to choose from to recycle into bags, scarves, shirts, rugs, and custom shoes. Learn embellishment techniques by adding needle and thread, patches, and dying to make one of a kind wearable art! Supply cost: $30

2D Video Game Design Workshop 2D Video Game Design Workshop

A fan of video games? Curious about how video games began?

Jump into classic 2D platform game design on paper. We’ll learn about concept art and character design, what it takes to make a fun level for users and a unique Level Boss and how to make the most of limited action animation. Added bonus: students will be visited by Microsoft guest artists to provide insight into the industry and give feedback on students designs.

Clay & Resin Jewelry Workshop Clay & Resin Jewelry Workshop

Make pendants, rings, and bracelets by using clay molding, resin, and plaster pouring. Learn how to add details and inlays into your work with molds, stamps, and pattern plates to create tons of one of a kind jewelry for yourself and friends. Supply cost: $30

The Art of Pampering Workshop The Art of Pampering Workshop

DIY at it’s finest, take the ingredient search out of making your own candles, geode bath bombs, face masks, scrubs, and soaps in this camp of summer indulgence! We have an assortment of colorants, fragrances, and recipes prepared so you can let your creativity run wild. Supply cost: $30

Cancellation Policy- If you need to change or cancel your reservation for any reason, please notify us via email at GetCreative@RedmondArtWorks.com two weeks prior to your workshop/camp. If we receive notice at least two weeks in advance and are able to fill your child's spot, we will credit your families studio account for 75% of your tuition cost. No refunds or make-up classes are available for last minute missed classes due to illness or unforeseen events.