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Wheel Throwing

Explore the art of making ceramics using the pottery wheel and hand building techniques. This is a workshop completely tailored for students new and experienced with pottery to utilize our full studio and instructor knowledge to make their ideas come to life.

We’ll begin each day with beginner wheel instruction and work through various altering techniques and additions of slabs, handles, and spouts to create an assortment of pottery forms you can actually use! This workshop is a fantastic way to dip your toe into the world of ceramics and build the confidence to use the studio independently during open studio hours!

Students are welcome to take this class multiple times throughout the summer to continue honing their skills with instructor support.

Ceramic workshops - Operating a pottery wheel and learning the ins and outs of working with clay takes concentration and time, students enrolled in ceramic classes need to be prepared to follow all written and verbal directions in regards to their safety and the safety of everyone working in the space.