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In phase 3 - parties are limited to no more than 15 students. Please email getcreative@redmondartworks.com with any additional questions. You can view available dates and reserve your party time at the bottom of this page.


Ages 4- 8

During phase 3 - we are able to accommodate up to 15 students

~ 1 hour instructor supported art activity of your choosing

~ 1/2 hour for singing happy birthday & opening presents (provided by family)

~ All art materials and supplies

~ Art goodie bag provided by RAW

~ Keepsake Ceramic Plate made by guests

~Additional guests are $20 each

~ While in phase 3 - we encourage families to send home birthday treats so masks can remain on during the entire party. If you choose to celebrate with a small treat, you can do so while our staff is off the floor preparing the second activity. Parents will be in charge of passing out treat and supporting students during this time.